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A UFO With 20 Feet Aliens Landed in Russia, Krasnodar – Many Witnesses

Some residents of Krasnodar reported on the landing of a ship and aliens near his house in the forest of the Russian city.

A story that went viral this week in the media and on Russian social networks was the alleged landing of an alien ship from which several giant aliens descended.

Police officers review the messages of different witnesses who claims to have seen the landing of a spaceship near the village of Vodniki in Krasnodar on June 2, 2017.

This is the form in RIA Novosti of the Ministry of the Interior of Russia reported for the territory of Krasnodar.

Some residents of the village of Vodniki in Krasnodar around 4:00 a. M. On June 2, called the police to inform that near their houses, near the forest, they saw the landing of a spaceship.

According to the witnesses, they said in heir statements to the police that they saw the ship land and that from that big ship at least 7 large aliens descended, these beings had a height of about 20 feet, and they had some silver suits . These beings also used equipment unknown to humanity.


By law, the police are obliged to investigate all cases reported by residents of any region, so after receiving the statement of the witness, the police immediately went to the place.

Upon arrival, police found the group of witnesses who showed them where the UFO had landed, according to the police report, all witnesses are in good health, showed no signs of having taken alcohol or ingested drugs, they are totally healthy.

The members of the police, after verifying the field where the ship allegedly landed and that the aliens descended, found no traces that could give more clues about this incident.

“Because these actions were not coordinated with the government and the spacecraft violated the airspace of the Russian Federation, the citizens turned to the police to report the incident.”

The police appealed to the higher authorities with a request to register the test material in the criminal record book for further investigation, the newspaper said.

Source : http://yourminds.org


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